Friday, October 05, 2007


If I may play Karl Rove to GL's mayoral candidate Doris Wolfe for a moment, I would suggest she forget the well-staged photo-ops with Ashlee and Alan, and simply release the following pictures to derail rival Buzz:

Photos #1: Buzz Cooper pretends to be killed in action in Vietnam! Disrespects all vets! Forces daughter to appear in public wearing unbecoming earmuffs! (And think of the trauma it caused Mallet. He looks completely different today from how he did then.)

Photo #2: Buzz Cooper confuses children of Springfield by suggesting there is more than one Santa! Disrespects Christianity!

Photo #3: Buzz Cooper carries unregistered firearm! (Or maybe it was registered. You go down to City Hall to check it out. Doris doesn't have time.)

Photo #4: Buzz Cooper holds public gathering without a permit! Disrespects good, noble civil servants who issue permits!

Photo #5: Buzz Cooper engages in food-fight while poverty-stricken Springfield citizens go hungry! Disrespects the poor! And... uhm... foodies.

Would you vote for this man?

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