Wednesday, October 03, 2007


New York Times best-selling author Emily Giffin will appear as herself on Friday, October 12 when she stops by Oakdale Now to share some writing tips with Katie and Brad.

Griffin's latest book, Baby Proof, tells the story of a woman whose marriage breaks up when she refuses to have children. Her previous book, Something Blue, was the tale of a pregnant woman who dumps her boyfriend after catching him cheating.

Hmmm... if Katie didn't already have babies on the brain, this author appearance would probably do the trick.

Wonder if Katie will mention that she's a best-selling author, too?

Tune in next Friday to ATWT to find out!


Cierra said...

I love Katie and Brad. So cute together...

I was wondering, there is a picture of Mandy Bruno wearing a blue shirt - I think it's the main picture for her on the website. Could ya'll post it? Thanks!

ATWT Fan said...

Since this blog talks about babies, I am going to put this here.

The only person on ATWT that I want to see pregnant is Gwen with her own biological baby. After the writers gave me hope of Gwen having her very own baby that is the only baby that I want to see in her arms.

If the plan is to pawn off Sofie's spawn to Gwen, then stop it now. That baby will never be accepted by the Will & Gwen fans at all. You can pawn it off on Katie since she wants a baby. In fact Sofie should have lost her baby since she is a newbie. So get rid of Sofie & her baby pronto.

Only a bio baby for Will & Gwen will do. The writers need to make it up big time to the viewers by giving us the baby we want which is a baby Willen. I keep reading that the goal is to make Will & Gwen happy. The only way that they along with their fans will be happy is for a biological child of their own. No other option will do.