Wednesday, October 03, 2007


GL's Elizabeth Keifer (Blake) will appear as Charlotte in a production of Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music beginning on October 26 through November 16 at the Phillipstown Depot Theater located on Lower Station Road in Garrison, NY.

The part of Charlotte was originated on Broadway by Patricia Elliot (Renee; OLTL). Victoria Mallory (Leslie; Y&R) and the late Sherry Mathis (Liza; SFT) were also in that historic cast.

Diana Rigg, of The Avengers fame, played Charlotte in the 1978 feature film, alongside Lesley-Ann Down (Jackie; B&B) and Elizabeth Taylor (ex-Helena; GH).

Charlotte gets all the best, bitchy one-liners in the production, as well as the show-stopping song, Every Day a Little Death:

I'm before him on my knees
And he kisses me
He assumes I'll loose my reason
And I do
Men are stupid
Men are vain
Love's disgusting
Love's insane
A humiliating business...

Wonder if Blake can relate?

Listen to the whole song as performed by Elliot, here.
Read a synopsis of the show, here.

For more information on Keifer's production, please visit or call (845) 424-3900.

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Manifan said...

Putting Keifer on the backburner at GL is criminal, when her character has so much history. I hate TPTB at GL so much right now there are no words to express it.