Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Were you a fan of Guiding Light's Alex (Beverlee McKinsey) and Fletcher (Jay Hammer)?

In 1989, Alex and Fletcher took the Spaulding jet to Venezuela. It crashed on a seemingly deserted island, and the pilot was killed. The two castaways grew closer (what else, after all, is there to do on a deserted island?), but a storm (and a mask-wearing/still presumed dead Roger Thorpe) separated the two. Fletcher returned to Springfield, while Alex stayed on as their mysterious host's "guest."

Fletch eventually rescued Alex. Alas, while he was still in love with the Spaulding scion, she'd fallen for Roger.

That marriage, naturally, didn't work out. But would a union of Alex and Fletch have done any better? After all, they were from two completely different worlds, with different interests, friends, and tolerances for Springfield-style scheming and plotting.

In the episodes of Texas currently airing on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel, ranch foreman Max (Jay Hammer) is having exactly those types of opposites-attract problems while married to spoiled socialite Reena (Carla Borelli). However, Reena's friend, the equally spoiled, equally social Iris (Beverlee McKinsey) thinks she has the perfect plan to renew Max and Reena's wedded bliss.

Will it work? Tune into Texas today and find out!

P.S. For all of Fletch's repeated, self-righteous protestations about his general superiority to Roger in all human endeavors, they certainly had similar tastes in women, didn't they? Not just Alex, but Holly and even, to an extent, Maureen.

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