Wednesday, May 16, 2007


For a man everyone agreed was a super-nice guy, GL's Ross Marler sure did like the bad girls.

His widow, Blake, was an undisputed hellion in her past (and possibly her future, as Dinah and Mallet are about to find out). Ross' first love, Vanessa, was no angel. Holly, Nadine, India, Alex, Amanda, Claire, Tory -- not a sugar-sweet ingenue in the bunch. (Trish Lewis was okay, but then she never had much of a personality to begin with).

And then there was Calla Matthews (Lisby Larson). She had the surface potential to be a nice girl. She was Lillian's sister, after all. (Though, to be fair, I never bought the whole Lillian-is-a-saint scenario. The woman allowed her husband, Bradley, to beat her daughter, Beth, for years, and pretended she didn't see. And she had an affair with the married Ed Bauer. Not very saintly).

Calla came to Springfield in 1985. She and Ross became engaged but, in 1986, he and Vanessa embarked on a search for their long-lost daughter. Calla knew what happened to the girl -- her ex-husband's sister and brother-in-law had adopted baby Dinah, then died in an accident and Calla's ex placed the tot in an orphanage. Fearing that Ross would leave her for Vanessa once his family was reunited, Calla kept the info about their child to herself.

Ross eventually realized that Calla wasn't just an unapologetic social climber (that he could live with), but also a liar (that, apparently, he couldn't) and broke up with her.

But Calla couldn't help being the way she was. Like Jessica Rabbit, she was just drawn that way. Previous to playing Calla, actress Lisby Larson graced another PGP show, Texas, as Paige Marshall.

Paige came from a wealthy family. But she wanted to be much, much wealthier.

Which was why, when she found out that her sister's boyfriend, Dennis (already rich due to being the grandson of Another World's Mac Cory and son of Iris Cory), had just come into several hundreds of millions of dollars due to the death of Alex Wheeler (who happened to be Dennis' biological father, but Dennis didn't know that), Paige decided that her baby sister didn't really deserve all that money. Paige did. (And so what if she had to shatter Dennis' universe to get it?)

Will Paige succeed in stealing Dennis from Dawn -- and cluing him in to his birthright in the process? (Silly Dennis is actually considering rejecting his inheritance, since he has no idea why Alex left it to him).

Find out -- and check out Larson's Calla-in-training -- on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel's broadcast of Texas, today!

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