Monday, May 21, 2007


Darnell Williams first made a daytime splash on AMC in 1981, playing the role of street-tough-turned-cop Jesse Hubbard alongside love interest Debbie Morgan (Angie) through 1988. He won two Daytime Emmys for the groundbreaking role.

Williams appeared on As The World Turns in 1994 as the man who befriended Shannon while she was presumed dead (and head-shrunk), and on Loving/The City in 1995, where he was reunited with Debbie Morgan. She was still playing Angie, but he was now Jacob, a man who happened to look an awful lot like her late, Pine Valley husband. It happens.

A decade later, Williams comes to Springfield as Driggs, a mysterious man who wants some answers from Mallet. Now.

Watch for him this summer, only on Guiding Light!