Tuesday, May 15, 2007


GL Casting Director Rob Decina, who is dealing with autism in his own family, brings the cause to Springfield, via the organization Autism Speaks.

Last Wednesday, Frank Cooper wore their blue pin on-air to raise awareness, and tomorrow, Wednesday, May 16, Billy Lewis will do the same. The Autism Speaks blue puzzle piece represents the missing piece of the autism puzzle and symbolizes the search for answers.

In addition, co-star Beth Chamberlain (Beth) spoke about the cause in her My Light segment of the show.

Autism awareness is scheduled to play a part in GL's on-air story heading into summer. Make sure you check it out!

Meanwhile, would you like to see soaps deal with a topic such as autism or another childhood disability? (Yes, I know, AMC's Lily is supposedly autistic. But, like her aversion to the color red, it tends to come and go at storyline whim. Kind of like Stuart Chandler's retardation and psychosis). Let us know in the Comments below!

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Manifan said...

It would be nice to see the soaps deal in more realism. And children with birth defects are a reality. Why not have Beth's baby be a Downs Syndrome child? Or maybe she could be born with a more rare inherited defect. It might be interesting to see how Alan would deal with a child that he considers less than perfect.