Thursday, May 24, 2007


Which of the above trios is poised to go triangular this summer?

Is it Gus/Harley/Natalia or Mallet/Dinah/Matt?

(With the latter, you know the old soap trope about a clueless dude sleeping with his true love's twin/lookalike and being unable to tell the difference? Maybe Dinah will get Mallett and Matt confused since they have so many of the same letters in their names).

Watch Guiding Light and find out!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

What do the letters in their names
have to do with why she would sleep with Matt?That seems kind of stupid to me,and theres not a good reason for them to sleep together you people must be sick thats her stepfather,must we go through yet another sick twisted incestuous pairing.Don't ruin Matt and Vanessa
or Dinah and Mallet or Vanessa and Dinahs relationships,just for lack of writing ability.