Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Summer is coming. And while ATWT has romance, drama, adventure and many, many hot guys on the menu (Grayson McCouch and Austin Peck, above, to name just two), the show felt that what they needed to make the season perfect was... one more hot guy.

On Friday, June 15, Emmy nominee Agim Kaba returns to the role of Aaron Snyder, which he previously played from 2002-2005.

The son of Holden Snyder and Julie Wendall was born in 1991, a red-headed tot with jug ears. He grew up quickly off-screen, living with his mom and her husband, Holden's brother, Caleb, in Seattle.

When the hunky eleven... uh, eighteen year old returned to Oakdale, he first became involved with sweet and innocent Lucy Montgomery, before ultimately falling for her more wacky friend, Alison Stewart.

Aaron left for Seattle to take care of his ill mother, eventually inviting Alison to join him. Since then, Ali's taken a dip into Internet porn and drug addiction. Which really makes one wonder what Aaron's been up to....

Make sure you tune into As The World Turns this June to find out!

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