Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Which of the above couples -- Marina/Cyrus (Maus - with apologies to Art Speigelman), Alex/Buzz (Bux) or Natalia/Dylan (Dalia) -- are headed for a hot romance?

See if you can predict the future by checking out these spoiler pix of the next few weeks of Guiding Light.

And let us know what you think!


karen said...

Please don't put this new Dyaln with anyone, I can't stand him! Just make him go far, far way! I think that I am beginning to to like Gus and Natalia together. They are sweet and she isn't mean to Gus like Harley is.

lovesoaps said...

I love the new Dylan! He's just what the show needs. Whomever he's with give him more of a story.

Tanya said...

I think it will be Cyrus and Marina. Just don't see anything interesting with the others at this point.

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