Thursday, April 05, 2007


The Four Musketeers was just the beginning of Phillip (Grant Aleksander) and Beth's (Beth Chamberlain) epic love story.

Their first attempt at marriage was derailed by news of Mindy's pregnancy (conceived while Phillip and Beth were on a break). Phillip and Mindy married, but divorced after she lost their baby.

Beth fell in love with Phillip's cousin, Lujak, and Phillip wed his aunt Alex's stepdaughter, India (Spauldings like to keep everything in the family).

Eventually, Phillip and India divorced and Lujak conveniently died. Phillip wrote a novel about his love for Beth and the star-crossed pair reunited. But then, Beth was presumed dead after being taken hostage and Alan manufactured extra evidence to make it seem like she was really gone.

Years later, Beth returned to Springfield, mute, suffering from amnesia, and in the company of a vaguely scuzzy architect named Neil. Phillip was married to Blake by then, but when Beth regained her memory, she and Phillip made love and conceived Lizzie.

Soon afterwards, Neil turned up murdered and Phillip was charged with killing him. To clear himself, Phillip, with Rick's help (a foreshadowing to 2006) faked his own death. Rick married Beth in order to throw a suspicious Detective Mallet off their tracks.

Once his innocence was proven, Phillip and Beth finally made it to the altar.

Was their wedding GL's Greatest Moment ever? Watch it on!

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