Wednesday, April 04, 2007


When viewers first met Annie Dutton (Cynthis Watros) in 1994, she was a sweet nurse treating Josh Lewis. Compassionate Annie even let little runaway Marah spend the night in her Daddy's hospital room. Josh and Annie fell in love and married.

But then Reva returned from the dead. And the world found out that Annie was a bit... off.

Granted, all women tend to lose a marble or two when confronted with the eternal love of Josh and Reva, and the realization that their union will always, always, always come in second. (The understanding didn't do wonders for Sonni's mental health, either. Or Olivia's. Only time will reveal what it will do to Cassie).

But Annie took her breakdown to new and exciting, unprecedented heights.

Desperate for a baby to hold on to Josh, Annie had herself artificially inseminated. After the baby died in the womb, Annie faked an accident that made it look like Reva pushed her down the stairs, causing Annie to lose the baby.

On trail for manslaughter, Reva accused Annie's baby of not being Josh's. To hide the evidence, Annie stole her child's body from the morgue.

Exposed on the stand by her doctor, Annie collapsed and confessed. After, she doubled over in hideous pain and needed to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency hysterectomy. Her uterus had become infected and left Annie barren.

Was her meltdown GL's Greatest Moment ever? View it on!


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