Monday, April 23, 2007


Senior VP of Daytime Programs at CBS, Barbara Bloom, talks to TV Week. An excerpt:

TVWeek: What do you think about "Guiding Light" receiving 17 nominations in the same year it's celebrating its 70th anniversary on the air?

Ms. Bloom: I'm a huge fan of Ellen Wheeler, executive producer, and David Kreizman, head writer. I think they're an extraordinarily creative team and they work exceptionally well together. At the core of what they do is a passionate understanding of storytelling and character. They are exceptionally character-driven. They are extraordinarily respectful of their fans. They are constantly challenging themselves in many ways to reach out and engage their fans, which I think is exemplified particularly this year, not only the stories that they tell, but in their [online] Find Your Light campaign, where they're really reaching out to their audience. It is so moving when you go on their Web site and you see the postings that their fans have left about what their own light is. It's been an exceptional journey for the show to take that on, and to celebrate their 70th year by basically celebrating their relationship with their audience is really, I think, a snapshot into who Ellen and David are.

Complete story, here.

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Aaron said...

Barbara Bloom is OUTRAGEOUSLY out of touch. To say that DK and EW are respectful of their fans is a joke; the show is a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of what it could and should be. They need to stop listening to the 12 people left who watch GL and start paying attention to the THOUSANDS of people who QUIT WATCHING IT. These people are in such denial.