Thursday, April 05, 2007


Olivia had done a lot of rotten things over the years. She used mob money and bribed government officials. She kept quiet about Edmund's plot to kill Reva, then, years later, hired him to sabotage Reva and Josh's wedding reception. She stole Beth's diary and had it published (and probably kept the royalties, too). She slept with Phillip while married to Alan, and then told Phillip their daughter was dead. She hired a hit-man to have Ava killed.

Olivia is a bad person.

But Olivia hit an all-time new low in 2005, when, in order to forward her husband Bill's career (which, btw, he didn't even want), she switched his alcoholic father, Billy's, virgin drink with a spiked one, driving Billy off the wagon after years of hard-won sobriety.

Was Olivia's vicious plot GL's Greatest Moment ever? At least it won Jordan Clarke (Billy) the 2006 Daytime Emmy...

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