Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Buzz (Justin Deas) never had a lot of luck with women.

He abandoned Nadine and their two kids, Frank and Harley. He and daughter Lucy were abandoned by her mom, Sylvie.

Jewel thief Jenna (Fiona Hutchison) kept her pregnancy with son, Coop, from Buzz (she thought he was in love with Nadine again) and left town. When she returned, she claimed little Henry Cooper Bradshaw had been fathered by fellow con Jeffrey (not the one on the canvas now).

Turnabout was fair play as a reunited Buzz and Jenna later claimed Buzz was the father of Jenna's second son, Rocky, instead of Jeffrey.

The four of them -- Buzz, Jenna and the boys -- were just settling down as a happy family when, in December of 1998, Jenna got into a car with Jeffrey to argue about Rocky's true paternity. The car crashed and both were killed.

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