Thursday, April 05, 2007


There's nothing like a double-role to net its portrayer a Daytime Emmy Award.

AMC's David Canary has a closet full for his roles as Adam and Stuart Chandler as does OLTL's Erika Slezak for playing Viki and Niki, et al. David's co-star Michael E. Knight has one for the year he was both Tad and Ted. GL's current Executive Producer, Ellen Wheeler, won as Another World's Marley and Vicky, as did future movie star, Anne Heche, for the same role. Even DOOL, which rarely these days scores acting nominations, snagged one in the ultra-competitive Lead Actress category in 1998 for Eileen Davidson's turn as Kristen and Susan. And the nun and the socialite. And the guy.

Not to mention ATWT's success in the double-your-pleasure realm, with Julianne Moore winning for Outstanding Younger Actress in 1988 for her roles as Frannie and Sabrina, and Martha Byrne winning Outstanding Lead Actress in 2001as Lily and Rose.

Now, Jennifer Landon (Gwen) throws her hat into the ring with today's debut of Cleo Babbitt, Gwen's white trash doppelganger (above).

But Jen already won an Emmy last year... what will the Academy find to reward her with for this???

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Esther said...

"Gwen's white trash doppelganger"

Isn't that redundant? :)

I love Jen Landon, but did the writers really think she doesn't already have enough screen time?