Wednesday, April 04, 2007


In 1986, Rick Bauer (Michael O'Leary) was under a lot of pressure. He was attempting to complete an accelerated medical school program which would allow him to become a doctor like his dad, Ed, in a few months.

To facilitate the long nights of studying -- and dating Reva's high maintenance sister, Roxie -- Rick turned first to caffeine pills, then prescription amphetamines. (Medicine wasn't the only thing Rick apparently had in common with his dad. Ed had once mixed alcoholism with healing, as well).

Claire, one of Rick's medical school teachers, then in the process of fighting Ed and wife Maureen for custody of Claire and Ed's daughter, Michelle, caught Rick using and attempted to blackmail him into convincing Ed to drop the custody suit in exchange for Claire keeping quiet and not booting Rick from the accelerated program. Rick tried, but couldn't do it.

And then, to make things even more difficult, Roxie found out about Rick's addiction.

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(O'Leary pictured above with Krista Tesreau as Rick's first love, Mindy Lewis)

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