Wednesday, April 22, 2015


 On Days of Our Lives, Kristen is back – again.

Guess actress Eileen Davidson wasn’t kidding what she told me for my book, Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama’s Greatest Moments, “I would do something like this again, but I would want to know a beginning and an end date.  Even when I left DAYS, I knew that the shelf-life of those characters was running out.  It wasn’t something that could go on forever because it would lose its punch.  I felt like I got out at the right time.  But it’s certainly something I would love to do again.”

The last time viewers saw Kristen, she’d made off with Theresa’s embryo (snatching it right out of Theresa’s womb; ‘cause science works differently in Salem). That embryo turned into bouncing baby Christopher (Kristen is nothing if not egotistical). Alas, the infant suffers from an autoimmune disorder and needs a bone marrow transplant, stat. Wouldn’t you know it? His oblivious biological mommy is a match! If Kristen could steal an embryo without the pregnant woman noticing (or, at least, believing she’d gotten a false positive on her pregnancy test), how hard can a little surreptitious bone marrow be? Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, on General Hospital, Ava remains in her death throes, while her tot daughter, Avery (another mom and her egotistical naming) remains missing. Ava, coincidentally, could also be saved with some fresh bone marrow. Baby, baby, who’s got the baby? Continue staying tuned!

But the above is nothing new on soap-operas. Check out some of our past favorite extreme bone marrow transplants (or rather, the way they were harvested) from Y&R, AMC, GL, OLTL, ATWT & more, at Entertainment Weekly!


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