Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Beloved “Family Ties” mom Meredith Baxter (with all due apologies to the now divorced Ms. Baxter, the weaned on TV kid in me will never be able to stop thinking of her as Meredith Baxter Birney) is joining the cast of The Young & the Restless on September 8. And while official press releases won’t admit to her being anything more than a drinking buddy for Nikki, savvy soap fans are already betting on her turning out to be the long-lost mama of Stitch and Kelly. You know, the one they’ve been talking about endlessly for months?

In a casting coincidence, Baxter’s “Family Ties” hubby, Michael Gross, also did a Y&R stint in 2008 as a former hippie who assumed a fake identity and went underground to avoid a murder rap. (As Steve Keaton, mild-mannered public television station manager, perhaps? Remember how he and Elyse were always rhapsodizing about their flower-power days?).

However, Meredith Baxter is hardly the first primetime sitcom mom to make the switch to daytime – and playing a character much less respectable than her earlier incarnation.

Read all about the sitcom moms who popped up on Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, As the World Turns, The Bold & the Beautiful and much more at:


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