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My best reviewed romance novel, the one people STILL bring up, a 1998 contemporary title from AVON, is finally coming to e-books later this month.

A new release warrants a new cover (which, personally, I think is much, much better than the original one; why a romance novel about two Air Force pilots had a ducky - okay, fine, it was a swan - on a hot pink cover, I will never understand).

Tell me what you think of the art in the comments, and I'll keep you posted about when/where you'll be able to buy Annie's Wild Ride once its released.

In the meantime, check out: to watch me write my next romance novel LIVE in front of your eyes (typos, edit, deletes, sex scenes and all) and become part of the storytelling process. After all, what's the fun of critisizing a book after its published and there's nothing the author can do about it?

Reviews for Annie's Wild Ride:

Book recommendation! Avon has a crackerjack of a romance called “Annie's Wild Ride” by Alina Adams.... Not only couldn't I put it down, but I couldn't write for a day after I finished it. That's my kind of book.
-         Susan Elizabeth Phillips

If you like strong heroes, “Annie's Wild Ride” should be required reading for you!  I was turning the pages as fast as I could because I so desperately wanted to know how she would end it. Alina Adams is an extremely talented writer and I look forward to reading anything else she writes.  She had me on the edge of my seat for most of the book and that isn't an easy thing to do.
-         The Writers Club Romance Group

Adams does a marvelous job creating complex, emotional and driven individuals whose love/hate relationship dominates their lives. This is a terrific read.
-         Romantic Times

A vibrant tale of a magnetically charming couple whose love for each other somehow turns to hate.  Ms. Adams' excellent writing takes her readers on an amazing journey to discover the divine healing power of love in this emotion packed tale.
-         Romantic Rendezvous

The author does a terrific job of allowing the reader to peek inside the characters' hearts and minds to see their tortured souls and feel their thoughts. ANNIE'S WILD RIDE is a great story with a lot of adventure, excitement, and some steamy love scenes... This was a realistic story and a page-turner for me, keeping my interest to the very end.
-         Bookbug on the Web

Go along for the wild ride in “Annie's Wild Ride.” Alina Adams weaves a compelling story of two people so desperately in love and the lessons they learn in life as they discover old mistakes and new beginnings and just maybe a way to start fresh and find a love that's ever-lasting. . . .
-         Romance Reader on the Run

Alina Adams writes a novel filled with human complexity.  The growth of the characters in “Annie's Wild Ride” takes us on a wild ride.  The unique plot, and manner of story telling, mesmerizes, hypnotizes, and enthralls.  Ms. Adams proves her versatility and mastery of her craft with this novel. Exceptional writing, creative narrative, and soul searing sensuality make this a must-read.
-         Booktrees & Etc.

In “Annie’s Wild Ride,” I learned a bit about airplanes, a bit about the accomplishments of women in the Air Force, and a bit about military life. I also got a good read that doesn’t have much of the dry humor implied in the intro, but has enough realism to make these two people real to me from cover-to-cover. I might not have laughed, but I certainly shed a sympathetic tear. I also want to add that it might be one of the most accurately named romances I have ever read.... I, for one, found it to be a book chalk full of enough emotion and personality to keep me reading way into the night.
All About Romance

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