Monday, February 18, 2008


Doris (Orlagh Cassidy) and Buzz (Justin Deas) have already run against each other for mayor. How would they do in a race for president?

Doris Wolfe:
Election Cliche: Former D.A. is tough on crime. (That stance did wonders for Rudy Giuliani, didn't it?)
Pros: No Dan Quayle type rants against single moms.
Cons: Wants to turn entire world into a mall.
Special Interests: Alan Spaulding.

Buzz Cooper:
Election Cliche: Vietnam vet. (See John Kerry/John McCain)
Pros: Son, daughter and granddaughter are cops, so he can kind of be tough on crime, too. If son Coop weren't a recent criminal (to be fair, so is Doris' daughter, Ashlee).
Cons: Having abandoned his kids for 20 years, can't really run on Family Values platform. (Though Ronald Regan was divorced. And John Kennedy and Bill Clinton weren't exactly monks.)
Special Interests: His own family. (Basically, Buzz is all for development, as long as it doesn't affect his diner on his street.)

If these two were running for president, who would get your vote?

Tell us below!


powerpuff0209 said...

I would Vote for Buzz Definitly he always ran a clean election except for Ashley fixing the election I think he has great character

Sarah Saad said...

Sarah Saad said...

Sarah Saad said...