Tuesday, February 12, 2008


What If... Noah (Jake Silbermann) had never met Luke (Van Hansis) and instead gone ahead and joined the military like his father wanted?

Tune in on Thursday, February 14 for As The World Turns' take on the classic musical, On the Town... with an Oakdale twist.


Roger Newcomb said...

Thank you. This looks great!

Oakdalian said...

If they never met, they'd never kiss each other. Wait a minute, they still haven't met yet, have they?

twins1729 said...

If they don't kiss, I'll rip my hair out.

You know, no pressure or nothing.

Scarlett Echo said...

Van is so beautiful.

If there is no V Day kiss between them, I give up!


Roger Newcomb (We Love Soaps) said...

I agree. Let them kiss already.

Anonymous said...

Really? I mean, seriously. What WAS that? In what universe does giddily romantic Luke not do anything for Valentine's Day?

I also didn't recognize this guy who wouldn't kiss his boyfriend in Olde Towne.


Roger Newcomb said...

Wow, what a let down. The Noah and Luke scenes were sweet in and of themselves, but to have nine other pairs (some not even couples) kissing and kissing and kissing and not allow Noah and Luke to kiss was a real slap in the face.

ATWT is basically telling the viewers that it is not ok for the gay couple to kiss even though they are one of the very few couples in a committed relationship on the show. Emily shot Paul for heaven's sake and they got to kiss.

This is 2008. If P&G is censoring themselves, SHAME ON YOU! If P&G is cowtowing to complaints, again, SHAME ON YOU! You promised to tell this story honestly and obviously something has changed.

Why can't you just admit it? Tell the truth? Who is forcing you to censor Luke and Noah? Is it a big sponsor? P&G execs? CBS? Because I am seeing nothing but love and support for this couple.

Anna said...

Ah, beautiful State of Liberty. Symbol of the nation of the free. Now if ATWT or whoever vetoes Luke and Noah kissing would also get the message Lady Liberty sends us. Because talking about about acceptance and freedom for everyone, also when you're gay, doesn't make much sense when every couple gets to kiss except Luke and Noah....
Great Valentines gift ATWT after the oh-so awesome one for Christmas. Well done.

Ron said...
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KPH said...

I was extremely disappointed in the Valentine's Day episode. Luke and Noah, the committed couple, didn't get to kiss while every straight character did. As usual.

P&G and ATWT should be embarrassed.

Ron said...

If Luke & Noah can not kiss they should of been just best friends we already know they will not show them in bed if they can not show them kissing so Luke & Noah should be best not boyfriends

Richard said...

It's been a couple days and I'm STILL in shock at the Valentine's Day episode.

Was the kissing at the beginning of Luke and Noah's storyline just for shock value? Because it seems like, now that we know they're a genuine gay couple, kissing is off-limits. And that is revolting to me.

The lack of kissing has been a sore spot for months but this episode was just over the top. To have Holden kiss Lily--even though she was dead! To have Brad kiss Carly and Katie, and Jack kiss Carly, and Paul kiss Meg and Emily, and Tom kiss Margo, and Gwen kiss Will...and then have Luke and Noah hug!? After showing them ducking away from a kiss because some random stranger walked by?

ATWT has achieved quite a feat--they've managed to make their portrayal of an extremely romantic young gay couple seem homophobic. Open your eyes, producers! What you're doing right now isn't working. Let them kiss--the sky won't fall.

And if you think the sky WILL fall, please let us know. Because watching and waiting and hoping for a kiss is getting really old. If it's never going to happen again, please, just tell us.

tony91107 said...

I don't recognize the Luke who did not have the guts to kiss his boyfriend. What the heck is that? CBS, P&G, and ATWT should be ashamed! Hello, it's 2008 for God's sake and we are trying to elect a woman and a black man for President!!!

Splashpont said...

The February 14, 2008, Valentine’s Day episode was an insult to adults everywhere.

The fanciful “What ifs” of the many power-couple characters in As the World Turns was a playful idea. However, one of your couples seemed to be written for an “after-school special” directed towards 10-year olds.

Why would the adult couple (or even teen couple) of Luke and Noah not kiss one another (even with peck on the lips or cheek!) on Valentine’s Day?

Even the character of Will (from Will and Grace) kissed his boyfriend without fanfare or aftermath when it was “natural.” For Luke and Noah (as all the other couples on the episode) Valentine’s Day was one such “natural day.”

While I thought the initial “interrupted kiss” at the start of the Luke and Noah was amusing, it caused me to expect a real kiss (yes, even of the “pecking sort”) during the same show.

Are Luke and Noah a “power couple,” or has it all been a ploy to get new viewers who are now growing tired of seeing our lives/interests mocked?

JennyK said...

I just want to say that I enjoyed the Luke and Noah scenes, but one thing stood out to me. The fact that Noah and Luke were the only couple not to kiss bothered me. I am a 27 year old heterosexual female, part of the desired demographic, a loyal viewer of ATWT, and a buyer of Procter and Gamble products. Before you write me off, please understand that there are many like me(in the desired demographic) who feel the same way. I realize that there are people who love and hate this couple. I believe there are more people in support of this romance than against. But when you try to play to both sides, it makes nobody happy! It entertains nobody to neuter these characters and water down their romance. It makes nobody happy to see them both ashamed of kissing each other in public. The reason this romance and this story was so groundbreaking was that it was told with honesty and nothing was held back. All of that seems to have changed and Luke and Noah storyline is becoming more and more of a joke each time they don't get to kiss. Please let these two characters share some real intimacy and a good storyline.

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