Monday, February 04, 2008


Behind the scenes of As The World Turns.


Oakdalian said...

Bring Bryce Back!
Goutman's Gotta Go!

Bella said...

I love the picture of Will, Gwen, and Hallie. They had better get her back!

ATWT Fan said...
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ATWT Fan said...

Everytime Sofie's kid is shown, it is a slap in the face to me as a Willen fan. Sofie being the newbie should have lost her baby not Gwen. The way the story was told has been a total insult to me as a Willen fan. For the show to take the name that the fans requested for Willen's bio baby and give it to the one baby that their fans did not want for them was very cruel. This particular baby that has been a continual slap in the face will never be considered Will & Gwen's child after Gwen was pregnant. If the show wanted the fans to accept it then they should have never made Gwen pregnant Until another child comes along that has been not been an insult to the fans, Will & Gwen are without a child. I don't care what happens to Sofie's kid as long as it does not end up with Willen in the end!

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