Thursday, November 15, 2007


If this is your error message: C00D1197: Cannot play the file
Windows Media Player cannot play the file.

You might encounter this error message for one of the following reasons:
  • Your computer is not connected to the local area network (LAN) or to the Internet. Connect to the network or Internet, and then try again.
  • The path to the file is not valid. If you typed a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in the Open URL dialog box, verify that the file name is spelled correctly and that the path to the file is correct, and then try again. If you clicked a link on a Web page, the link might not be valid.
  • The server is not available (for example, the server is busy or not online). Try again later.
  • Some network protocols in the Player are not enabled. Enable all network protocols, and then try again.
  • The proxy server settings for the Player are not configured properly. Verify that your proxy settings are correct, and then try again.
To enable all network protocols
1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Networktab.
2. In the Streaming protocols area, select all the protocol check boxes.

To verify your proxy server settings
1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Networktab.
2. Verify your settings in the Streaming proxy settings area. Support on Windows Media Player

Q: Where do I find information about how to get actual support on WMP?
A: I do not track this area and cannot presume to speak upon it. The options I know about are the Microsoft support site, the Do It Yourself options, and then actual player support options. But my investigation here should be deemed amateur at best. You may find other/better support options - these are simply the ones I know about offhand.

One important thing to note is that product support helps let the product teams know what needs to be fixed - they have more say than someone like me does. So while alerting me to your problem seems productive, it's actually quite not. If you really care about the issue, take it to product support.

Q: I don't want to go through support for some reason.
A: Your other options are:
1. The actual Microsoft support site. Search for more information on your issue.
2. The "Contact MS" page.
3. Deja's UseNet archives (now known as Google Groups), where you can look for previous answers to your questions. This is hugely useful - don't underestimate or overlook this vital Internet resource.
4. Official WMP9 and WMP10 FAQ
5. WMP information (FAQ, troubleshooting, etc)
6. Win98 WMP FAQ
7. The WMPSDK on-line.
8. All official Windows Media FAQs.


jtfe0n said...

The problems with watching classic P&G soaps such as my favorite, "The Edge of Night", now go far beyond that error message. Hi-Q Video is no more and boy have things changed for the worse.
If you play an episode in the small window, it might stop altogether after the first commercial break and I'm pretty sure that's not the purpose of the site. If you click the button in the lower right that is supposed to expand the picture to full screen, that opens up a whole other can of worms.
It no longer fills the screen. I have a PC notebook and until recently all the "Edge" episodes I've been watching have filled my monitor. Now, I see the Windows bar at the bottom and the information bar at the top. There are also black bars on the left and right sides that further shrink the picture.
There is no way to pause the program if necessary. It doesn't even stop for that one commercial per break I'd come to expect watching these shows. That might come as a relief to some viewers but I don't think the advertisers would like having their messages bypassed in such a way.
If dropping Hi-Q is P&G's idea, then you really need to put it back so these shows can be enjoyed in the best way possible. If this is AOL Video's idea, then it is definitely time to find a new home for these great shows. YouTure perhaps?

Thanks aplenty,

Unknown said...

Let me add to what previous poster said. You can view a whole episode. but let's say, for EON for example, that the show is shown in 4 segments, separated by commercials.

Viewing goes like this since the new player was implemented with Episode 6205..

Segment 1
then a commercial
then Segment 1 followed immediately by Segment 2
then a commercial
then Segment 1 followed immediately by Segment 2 followed immediately by Segment 3
then a commercial
then Segment 1, Seg 2, Seg 3 then Seg 4.

It's not an issue of not being able to get the show to play, but how it is playing.

Mark said...

==I miss the Hi-Q, too.
But I have to say these are wonderful episodes. The writing is excellent.
I wonder why the soaps of today, can't compete? The writing, drama, is so much better, in these classic shows. Thanks for sharing these.

snowcoastdude said...

I'm also having difficulty watching the "Edge" episodes on my pc. For the episodes after #6120, I get a message that Windows Media Player can't find the episode. The most recently uploaded episodes indicate that they are 'loading' but never do. I've tried adjusting my media player settings, installing codecs, but nothing works. AOL tech support are very friendly, but can't seem to help. Does anyone have any advice?

Derek said...

Feb. 3, 2008

Any update from AOL on why the videos remain unavailble? The opening commercials play perfectly. Perhaps AOL would revert to the previous format which worked fine. We definitely miss seeing the new shows. The photos you are picking to promote the episodes show lots of interesting developments: Paige in jail? Mitch and Rachel together?