Monday, November 19, 2007


ATWT's Jennifer Landon (Gwen) joined the show in 2005 and, in less than three short years (and two Daytime Emmys), has managed to sport a variety of different looks.

Check out our pictures above and let us know which one is your favorite!


ATWT Fan said...

My favorite picture is the first one. I prefer Jennifer Landon with longer hair.

While we are on the subject of Gwen, please let there be a Christmas miracle for Will & Gwen this year. The perfect miracle for these two would be for them to find out that they are expecting their OWN baby. It is the least that the show can do for them & their fans after the baby everyone wanted was cruelly taken away. Speaking for myself & other Willen fans that I have spoken to, we only want a BIO Willen baby. Adoption is not an option especially the Sofie baby. Since Sofie is a newbie, she should have lost her baby not Gwen. For that reason alone, Sofie's baby will not be accepted by the Willen fans as we would rather they remain childless than to end up with Sofie's kid. Sofie's baby will be forever resented & hated by the majority of Willen fans. There should only be one pregnant character on ATWT and that person should be Gwen not some new character with zero ties. It is a slap in the face of the Willen fans that Sofie is pregnant when she shouldn't be. Sofie needs to take her baby and get out of town pronto. Then Willen needs to have their OWN baby.

Bella said...

Wow, that girl is beautiful! She looks great in all the pictures, but I think I like the first one best. Longer hair, straight, with no layers. That way she can wear it down, or pin it up.

Storyline wise, since it's clear that adopting Sophie's baby is not going to work out, I would love to see a Christmas miracle for Will and Gwen. I have wanted them to realize their dream of having their own family for a long time.

powerpuff0209 said...

I Prefer Jennifer Landon with long hair it makes her look more mature she should keep it long