Friday, November 30, 2007


Two time Emmy nominated actress Colleen Zenk Pinter, best known for her long running role as Barbara Ryan on CBS's As the World Turns, has teamed up with the Oral Cancer Foundation to share the story of her battle against oral cancer, and raise public awareness of a disease which kills more Americans each year than more commonly known cancers.

Complete story, here.

This is a very serious issue and a very important cause. But my favorite part of the press release is: .... her long time association with As the World Turns, in which she has appeared in over 250 episodes...

250 episodes? This year, maybe...

Colleen has been with the show since 1978. Her episode count is, roughly speaking, probably closer to 5,000+.


schiffeg68 said...

YAY to Colleen!!

Oakdalian said...

I'm so glad Colleen conquered the disease. She is an irreplaceable part of ATWT, and I know she has entertained me for many years. The episode counting snafu must have come from referencing IMDB, which frequently lists incorrect information.

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