Monday, October 01, 2007


Another World's Mackenzie Cory (Douglas Watson) was, from the beginning, identified with the role of being a father.

His grown daughter, Iris, couldn't make a move without her Electra complex flaring up. Which meant that she was particularly displeased when Mac slipped and, upon the birth of his and Rachel's daughter, Amanda, called her his first-born child.

Turned out Iris was adopted. (Later, when Iris returned to AW in 1988 in the form of Carmen Duncan, she claimed that Mac was her biological father after all, but we're getting ahead of ourselves).

Mac's love for Iris, however, had nothing to do with biology. Neither did his love for Jamie, Rachel's son with the late Steve Frame, or for Matthew, the child Rachel conceived with Mitch while she and Mac were still married (she did it to save Mac's life, but he didn't quite see it that way, at first). To Mac, Iris, Jamie and Matt were as much his as Amanda was.

But then, in 1981, a new arrival in town upset the equation. Sandy Alexander (aka Alex Sanderson) was a male prostitute, an employee of Jordan Scott's Bay City mob operation... and Mac Cory's illegitimate son.

Young Alex grew up in Las Vegas, the son of a struggling single mother who waited until she was on her deathbed to tell him he was the heir to millions. Sandy moved to Bay City and got a job working construction alongside his stepbrother, Jamie. But he didn't tell anyone except his girlfriend, Melissa, about his Cory connection.

Will the truth about Sandy's origins eventually come out? This is daytime. What do you think?

The more interesting question though is how will Jamie who, up to that point, was being groomed to be Mac's heir, react to his new brother?

And, more importantly, what will Cecile, who cozied up to Jamie due solely to his inheritance potential do when she learns there's a potential new heir in play?

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