Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Currently, on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel's broadcast of The Edge of Night, April Scott (Terry Davis) is not having a very good run (well, not good for her; pretty good for soap lovers).

First, she found out that Margo Huntington (Ann Williams), a wealthy businesswoman who managed to own both a television station and to dabble in porn (as a financier, not a star), was her natural mother. Since April hadn't even known she was adopted, this came as a double whammy.

Once she and Margo developed a relationship, April had to deal with Margo and April's husband, Draper (Tony Craig), constantly butting heads. Draper did not approve of Margo sticking her nose into the Scott family business and trying to do them little favors, like secretly buying their house. Or trying to buy Raven's son, Jamey, for the then childless April.

Draper finally had enough of Margo and, at the tail end of 1979, stormed up to her apartment to confront her. Only to find a bloodied Margo lying on the floor, barely alive, her head apparently bashed in with a fireplace poker. Draper called an ambulance, then heard a noise from outside and grabbed another poker to defend himself. However, nobody proved to be there and by the time the police got to Margo's apartment, it sure did look like Draper was the guilty party.

His arrest prompted the by then pregnant April (see, they didn't need Jamey, after all; Draper was right) to suffer premature contractions. But when it turned out that she and the baby were fine, Deborah went ahead and brought Draper in.

For her part, Deborah doubted Draper's guilt. She suspected Margo's new, younger husband, Eliot (Lee Godart), a former cult leader, who was also having simultaneous affairs with Raven, Sarah and Nola (Kim Hunter).

But, despite Deborah's doubts, former Assistant District Attorney Draper was arraigned in 1980 and became the victim of the shortest murder trial (only three weeks!) in EON history!

Watch it now on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel!

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I'm a fan of Harley Kozak. Can you tell me what program number she started as Brett Wheeler on Teaxas? I don't want to miss it when it begins. Also, I'm looking forward to when you guys can shows old episodes of Guiding Light when Harley played Annabelle and pam Lomg wrote those great stories back in 1983.