Monday, November 20, 2006


No, the above post has nothing to do with the coming season.

Instead, it refers to the fact that, just as Edge of Night currently features two actors prior to their AMC debuts, the episodes of Another World now airing on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel also offer a reverse reunion of sorts.

Nicolas Coster and Judith McConnell, who went on to play ex-lovers Lionel and Sophia on Santa Barbara, here appear as bad boy Robert Delaney and not so good Miranda Bishop. (Coster also played Lisa's most recent husband, Eduardo, on ATWT and appeared as one of her earlier ones, John, on the ATWT primetime spin-off, Our Private World.)

Robert impregnated naive Clarice, married Iris, then abandoned them both, along with his son, Cory. A few years later, after Clarice had married Larry and was providing her child with a happy home, Robert returned... just wanting to chat with Clarice, nothing more. (Yeah, right....)

Wealthy Miranda, meanwhile, was busy judging her niece, Kit, for taking up with working class Joey, while Miranda was, in fact, having a long-standing affair with Kit's father -- Miranda's brother-in-law!

To check out Lionel and Sophia (sorry, Robert and Miranda), go to our broadcast of Another World now!

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