Tuesday, November 14, 2006


He is the most recast character in daytime television history!

Meet ATWT's Thomas Christopher Hughes (born: 1961) as played by:

1) James Madden (1963)
2) Jerry Schaffer (1963)
3) Frankie Michaels (1964-1966; above with Don Hastings as Daddy Bob)
4) Richard Thomas (1966-1967; Yup, the future John-Boy Walton. Eileen Fulton (Lisa) recalls that make-up had a heck of a time trying to cover up the birthmark on his cheek)
5) Paul O'Keefe (1967-1968: These were Tom's most troubled years. He became a dug addict and a thief, then shot himself in the leg to get out of serving in Vietnam. You can't really blame him, I suppose. Who sends a seven year old to serve?)
6) Peter Link (1969)
7) Peter Galman (1969-1974)
8) C. David Colson (1973-1978)
9) Tom Tammi (1979-1980)
10) Justin Deas (1981-1984; now Buzz on GL and married to the original Margo, Margaret Colin)
11) Gregg Marx (1984-1987; a nephew of the Marx Brothers)
12) Scott Holmes (1987 - now)