Thursday, January 31, 2013


“A wine order?” Chase leaned back in his office chair and contemplated the ceiling.  “That’s our big clue?  A wine order?  Six months on the trail and that’s the best Cass and Frankie were able to come up with?”

“An exclusive wine order,” Iris specified.  “One that should have stopped with Carl’s death, but didn’t.”

“Maybe he bequeathed it to his favorite charity: The League of Extraordinarily Evil Gentlemen.”

“It is, nevertheless, worth following up on.”

“I cannot spend government money on a sight-seeing tour of French wine country.  They’d take away my Fiscal Conservative card.”

“I could go,” Iris offered.  “It wouldn’t cost you a cent.”

“How civic-minded of you, Mrs. Wheeler.”

“Quid pro quo, Your Honor.  I presume you haven’t forgotten the details of our bargain?”


Iris and Chase make the terms of their alliance clear, Amanda confronts Frankie and Cass - and Morgan, Lila lays down the law to Jasmine, GQ drops a bombshell on Allie, and Olivia begs Sarah not to fall for her grandmother's manipulations.

The deals and the duos are deadly at:

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Thomas said...

Interesting episode. One thing that bothers me, Rachel's house is Rachel's house. Iris never lived in the Cory mansion, she has no claim for it, except in her own mind that somehow she feels deserving because she is his daughter. But the only Cory daughter who was born and grown up with Mac and Rachel was Amanda, so when the chips fall, I can't see how Iris would be able to get her hands on it. And besides, I don't think Rachel is that helpless.

I'm wondering if Charlie is really catatonic or is she playing an amazing pretense to not have to face what she tried to do to Allie. I suppose it's possible that this is real. I think Frankie and Cass need to stay with their daughter. Didn't like Allie's attitude toward GQ. As for the baby, I think it would be quite fun to give the baby to a total stranger and let Iris stew about it.