Thursday, January 10, 2013


“You wouldn’t,” Rachel informed Alice calmly.  “You wouldn’t turn in Jamie.  Not even to save yourself.”

Alice merely smiled and, equally calmly, told Rachel, “Neither would you.”

“You think I’m bluffing.”

“No.  I think you were hoping Kevin would decide to take care of matters on his own.  That way he’d never come to me, and I’d never tell him about Jamie also being involved in covering up precisely how Spencer died.”

“Jamie was only there because of you.  You got him into that mess.”

“And Spencer wouldn’t have ended up beaten to death if it weren’t for your husband.”

“Please,” Rachel scoffed.  Because it was easier than confronting the real issue.  “The three of them were in it together.  Carl, Spencer, and Lucas.  Each was equally to blame for what happened.”

“Then why was Spencer the only one targeted?  After Carl made sure Jeanne reported the compound’s downfall was entirely Spencer’s doing.”

“All three men knew the risks they were facing.”

“Yes, they did.  What Spencer and Lucas didn’t know – but probably should have – was that Carl would sell them out at first opportunity.”

“What makes you so certain my husband hasn’t paid his price?  Carl’s jet went down in the Atlantic Ocean with my children on board.  You honestly think that was an accident?”


Rachel and Alice hit a stand-off, Marley lets Dennis have it - and vice versa, Matt warns Donna about interfering with Jasmine, Kirkland turns to a surprising person for help with Charlie, and Jamie makes a confession to Steven.

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