Monday, January 14, 2013


Jasmine said, “They all made fun of me.”

Donna followed up, “Who did, darling?”

“The girls.  The ones who were here over New Year’s.  Who you did the makeovers on.  They laughed at me because Mama won’t let me wear make up.  They all do!”

“Well, not everyone can be a natural beauty, like you and I, Jasmine.  I’m certain those girls are merely jealous.

“Of me,” Jasmine snorted.  “No one is jealous of me.  They called me a baby.”

“Sticks and stones,” Donna dismissed.

“They’re right,” Jasmine plopped down next to her stepmother.  “Mama does treat me like a baby.  No make-up, no rated R movies, no going out without an adult chaperone.  I’m the only one at school who gets treated like that.”

“I doubt that.”

Jasmine ignored Donna’s denial to demand, “If your parents treated you like that, if they monitored your every move and bossed you around and told you what to do and how to think and who to be every minute of the day, what would you do?”

“Oh, Jasmine,” Donna began.  “It’s not that I don’t know how you feel.  Trust me, my darling, I do, more than you could possible realize.”

“You mean your mom and dad were like that, too?”

“My father,” Donna said after a moment’s hesitation.  “Reginald Love was a very… controlling man.”


Donna views Jasmine's dilemma through her own perspective, both Dennis and Olivia reach out to faces from their past, Amanda drops a bombshell on Rachel regarding Alice, Grant sees what might yet be, and GQ and Kirkland race to save Allie... and Charlie.

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