Thursday, January 17, 2013


The Cory board meeting took longer than Rachel expected.  Iris was having too much fun playing with her food to leave before she’d managed to pierce Rachel with every rapier at her disposal.

Unfortunately for Iris, however (and possibly Cory Publishing down the road), Rachel’s mind was on other things and, the moment they’d completed their agenda, Rachel was out the door without so much as a friendly barb for her stepdaughter.

Rachel sped down the road towards the private airfield where Amanda had told her Alice was planning on seeing Spencer’s coffin off.  If that body managed to leave the country, there went Rachel’s leverage regarding implicating Alice in the cover up of his death.  It was a clever move, Rachel had to admit.  One that she was kicking herself for not having anticipated.  Carl certainly would have.


Rachel races to keep Alice from ruining her plans just as Chase decides he's had enough of her stunts.  Jamie puts the past to rest, Cass and Frankie ponder their priorities, Amanda is forced to thank Allie's rescuer, and you get to vote on a poll that will affect story for years to come.

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