Thursday, January 03, 2013


“Rachel,” Alice merely repeated the name after Kevin filled her in on his mother-in-law’s New Year’s Eve ultimatum.  Forty years of history resonated throughout the single word.

“I wanted to tell her to go to Hell, but I realized I couldn’t without talking to you, first.”

“She must be in so much pain to even consider doing something like this.”

“With all due respect, Grandma, Rachel’s suffering isn’t my concern.  Not when she’s chosen to take it out on you and a pair of innocent kids.”

“Are you even capable of doing what she asks?”

“In theory,” Kevin shrugged.  “I mean, if anyone can break one of my documents, it would be me.  I could probably think of something if I had to.”

“Don’t,” Alice told him after a long moment’s thought.

“Not a problem.  Except for what it would mean to you.”

Alice hesitated.  “What if there was someway to stop Rachel?”

“I’m all ears.  That’s why I came to you.  Way I hear it told, you’re the only one who’s ever stood up to Rachel and lived to tell about it.”


Alice refuses to roll over under Rachel's threat, Marley won't let Olivia off the hook, Lila warns Donna against interfering, Sharlene prods Frankie regarding Charlie, and Allie finds herself in a life-threatening situation you need to help her get out of!

The New Year is off to an explosive start in Bay City at:

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