Monday, January 07, 2013


“Kevin,” Rachel offered a satisfied smile at the sight of her son-in-law’s return to the Cory mansion.  “I trust you’ve come to your senses?”

“Actually,” he took a seat opposite her.  “I was kind of hoping you’d come to yours.”

“You mean you were hoping I’d let the cold-blooded murder of my husband and children… slide?”

“You know, Rachel, I’d heard things about you.  About how you used to be.  But, according to popular mythos, your third marriage to Mr. Cory effectively nipped the more anti-social aspects of your character in the bud, as it were.”

“It’s like riding a bicycle,” Rachel assured him dryly.


Rachel and Kevin come to a stalemate, Iris forces Marley to acknowledge Grant's odd behavior while he explains himself to Lila, Frankie goes searching for Charlie even as Allie finds herself in even greater danger.

The stakes are raised even higher at:

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