Monday, January 28, 2013


Iris asked, “Do you know why I left your father in Elliot’s care the way that I did?”

“Because you had better things to do?”

“Yes!” Iris said with a great deal more enthusiasm than Sarah would have expected.  For most people, abandoning your child was something to be ashamed of.  “I did have better things to do.  But, in the beginning, I was just like you.  I’d lost Dennis’ father, a man named Alex Marshall – “

“I know the story,” Sarah attempted to cut her grandmother off.

“No.  You don’t.  You only know one part of it.  This… This I’ve never told anyone previously.  Not Dennis, not Elliot, not even Alex.  Will you listen to me?  Please?  If my past suffering can help you even an iota, I would be infinitely – “

“Okay, I’m listening,” Sarah twirled her hand to try and drive Iris closer to a point.

“I’d lost Alex.  Even though I’d loved him desperately.  I thought, well, at least I had his child.  That was something.  It may not be him, but it’s a part of him.  A part of him that won’t ever up and leave me.”  She looked at Sarah.  “Do you recognize what I am saying, my darling?”

“Yes,” Sarah gritted through clenched teeth.

“Good.  Because then you will also understand why I vowed to be a perfect mother to Dennis.  To love him in a way his father wouldn’t let me.  I swore to sacrifice anything for him, my own life, if need be, in order to make him happy.”

“So what happened?” Sarah was having a hard time keeping up the detached cynicism when, truth was, now she really wanted to know.


Iris uses her own past to try and control Sarah's future, Cass and Frankie attempt to get to the bottom of what happened with Charlie, Lucas struggles to figure out whom to trust, Jasmine flirts with danger, Marley and Grant carry on, and Jen's new relationship helps make up Kevin's mind.

Everyone thinks they're doing the right thing on today's AWT:

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