Monday, January 28, 2013


If 20 years ago you'd told me that, in the 21st Century, I'd be discussing Ibsen plays with Jane Badler (Diana; V), pointing out to Robin Strasser (Dorian; OLTL) that her dream time period to live in may be the 1930s, but as a Jewish woman she probably wouldn't be too comfortable there, reminding Shannon Tweed (Savannah; DOOL) about her Miami Vice-style location shoot in Florida, and commiserating with Alicia Coppola (Lorna; AW) about the hassle of having three kids in three different schools, I would have thought you were out of your mind.

Twitter, however, has made all that possible.  All that and more.

Last Friday, Mala Bhattacharjee (formerly of Soap Opera Weekly, now Romantic Times) tweeted General Hospital's Headwriter Ron Carlivati to ask if, in addition to Genie Francis and Kin Shriner and Jack Wagner and the rest, we might also get John Stamos (Blackie) back for GH's 50th Anniversary.

Ron tweeted Malah back to say the actor had turned them down.

Except that, at almost the exact same moment, Stamos tweeted to say he'd never been asked.  (EDITED AT 1:14 PM TO ADD: Mala contacted me to correct my chronology.  Apparently what really happened is Stamos tweeted he hadn't been asked, Mala sent out a general, rhetorical response, and then Carlivati saw the post via, presumably, a GH hashtag, and added his comment about Stamos having turned them down.  We're sorry for the error.  Which is another thing about Twitter.  When information is coming at you fast and furious in a flowing timeline, some of it in chronological order, some of it re-tweeted after the fact, it's hard to keep straight what came first: the rumor, or the denial.)

Oops.  Awkward.

Now, of course, there is a multitude of explanations for this He Said/He said that doesn't include either man lying.  It could be that GH's invite had never been passed on to the Greek yogurt seller by his management.  Conversely, it could be that the person who tweets for Stamos (I don't know if there is one, this is all pure speculation) didn't know that Stamos has been asked or that he'd turned them down.

Anything is possible.

But, twenty years ago, could you have ever dreamed of such a scenario?


Robynne said...

Never would've thought we'd be talking about this 20 years ago! And I agree, it's possible neither side was lying.

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