Thursday, November 08, 2012


This week, I wrote a piece for about how to give to charity even when you don't have the money yourself:

With Hurricane Sandy hitting so close to home last month, my kids and I went through all their things to collect clothes, toys, books, and blankets we could bring down to the school being used as a shelter.

In addition, you can contribute your particular talents to a cause you believe in, saving them the expense of hiring a professional to do the same thing. I’ve written numerous press releases, editorials, and even feature articles in newspapers and magazine for non-profits. Some of them have even served the double purpose of promoting the charity and also letting others know this organization was out there to help. I’ve used my language skills to translate for Russian orphans being brought to the US in the hope of finding them adoptive families, and looked over medical records for American families who want to know what the Russians aren’t telling them.

My husband, working with a new charter middle school in the Bronx has developed a Kindle-based curriculum for their use, wherein students without access to computers can get everything they need by using a simple Kindle, including access to their free library of classic literature. He’s also physically rebuilt donated computers for a school in Harlem for classroom use.

Everyone has something they can do that offering it for free saves the recipient money. You can teach a class on your hobby at a community center or old age home. You can help new immigrants figure out their tax forms.  You can cook for a homeless shelter or write letters to soldiers serving overseas. Foster and train a service animal. Cuddle hospitalized babies with AIDS or sort clothing at a Salvation Army donation center. Record a book on tape to be enjoyed by the blind.

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Following my own advice, I am contributing my special talent - my enhanced ebooks - to encourage people to contribute theirs.  Donate to the charity of your choice this month (it doesn't have to be Sandy related, any good cause will do), let me know about it at, and I will send you either a free copy of Counterpoint: An Interactive Family Saga in mobi for Kindle or ePub for Nook format, or, if you choose to support the rebuilding efforts of The Ice Theatre of NY, a copy of any of my Figure Skating Mysteries (details, here).