Monday, November 19, 2012


“What kind of situation?”  John hadn’t seen Allie in close to a year.  All he could do now was stare at her.  And remember that this was the last face his son saw before he died.

“This,” Zeno held out the envelope Allie had received.  “Somebody stuffed it under Allie’s windshield wiper a couple of days ago.”

John sifted through the contents.  “All these clippings.  They’re about…”

“Gregory, yes.”

“Gregory’s death,” John’s head jerked up.  “These clippings are about Gregory’s death.  There was a hell of a lot more to my son than just the way he died.”

“You’re right,” Zeno said.  “I’m sorry.”

“What’s this supposed to mean, Allie?” John shoved the stack back under her nose.


Allie and Zeno attempt to pin down her stalker, Iris makes overtures to Steven, Kevin breaks the news about Horace to Jen, Matt explains himself to Sarah, and Rachel reverts to her old ways - for a new cause.

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