Monday, November 12, 2012


“I propose,” Iris turned to Rachel.  “We host a family Thanksgiving.”

“We?” Rachel felt compelled to address each word individually, since they most certainly made no sense all in one sentence.  “Family?  Thanksgiving?”

“Here,” Iris responded equally monosyllabically.  Though still enthusiastically.

“We should host a family Thanksgiving here?”

“You and I,” Iris clarified in case the pronouns remained confounding.  “Just the way Daddy would have wanted it.”

“Oh, there are a lot of things Mac would have wanted you and I to do….”

“And we have sorely disappointed him along each and every turn.”

“That we have,” Rachel agreed.

“Can you imagine how happy it would have made him, you and I, our children, our grandchildren, all under the same roof – his roof?  For his favorite holiday?”

“Nothing would have pleased Mac more.”

“Then we should do it.  For him.”

“A majority of my children aren’t speaking to me at the moment,” Rachel noted.  “How about yours?”

“We’ll tell them to get over it.” Iris shrugged.

Prompting a bark of laughter from Rachel.  “Now why didn’t I think of that?”


Iris confronts Rachel with her most audacious scheme yet, Donna presumes she holds the upper hand, Cass and Frankie find themselves in a tight spot, Sarah's words crack Grant's defenses, Zeno has a disturbing idea about Allie's stalker, and Kevin admits Horace's murder may be less straightforward than it seems.

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