Thursday, November 29, 2012


Rachel sniffed, “Carl, Spencer and Lucas conspired together to bring the compound down.  They were each involved equally.  Why should Carl and Spencer be the only ones punished?”

Alice probed, “You’re certain that Carl and the children’s deaths….”

“What else could it have been?”

“A tragic accident.  Accidents happen.  Steve and the helicopter in Australia… The car crash that ended up killing him, and nearly you.  Not everything needs to be a part of some grand conspiracy.”

“Carl Hutchins was not the sort of man to perish in an accident,” Rachel reminded haughtily.

“Lucas,” Alice began cautiously.  “Lucas fears that he hasn’t, in fact, gone unpunished.  Lucas is afraid that Lorna’s death, along with Carl and the twins, was his payback.”

“There is no proof that Lorna was on that plane!”

“She disappeared the same day they did.  That’s too big of a coincidence to dismiss.”

“An accident,” Rachel reminded.  “A tragic, random accident.”

Alice said, “You know, if Lucas is on the right track, it is very possible that Carl wasn’t the one responsible for kidnapping Lorna.  The compound might have grabbed her along with him and the children, forced them all on-board and crashed the plane.”

Rachel’s eyes lit up at a possibility she’d never previously considered. 


Alice offers Rachel an alternative theory regarding Carl, Allie and Zeno confront Sharlene - with shocking results, Jamie gets a proposition, Kevin moves to get to the bottom of Horace's murder, and Grant struggles with how to tell Marley about Sarah.

The weather may be getting colder, but Bay City is heating up at:

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