Thursday, November 15, 2012


“How are you managing?” Rachel pulled up a chair, sitting next to her son, noticing how consciously he avoided her eyes by focusing exclusively on his girls.

“We’re managing.  Kirkland has been a huge help.  Steven, too.  Alice, Felicia, even Amanda.  And we all know how she feels about kids.  But, I can’t keep imposing on other people like this.  Finally broke down and hired a nanny.  Had to, especially for nights when I’m on call.”

“You can always call me, Jamie, you know that.  Please say that you know that.”

“You’ve had a lot on your plate, Mom.  I didn’t want to add to your problems.  You need time to….” Jamie changed his mind about finishing the thought, observing instead, “By the way, saw you on TV the other day.  With Grant.”

Rachel saw no need to defend her actions, only reminding, “Chase Hamilton does not deserve to be Mayor of Bay City.  I should think you’d be first in line to agree, after he nearly sent you to prison for a crime you didn’t commit.”

“Chase Hamilton had me arrested based on evidence that strongly suggested I had committed said crime.  And let’s not forget the part where I confessed.  Once he had evidence to the contrary, he let me go.  And arrested the next guy who confessed.  And the guy after that.  He was the District Attorney, Mom.  It was kind of his job.”

“He wasn’t District Attorney when he went after Carl for no reason.”

Jamie shrugged and went back to wrestling with Devon over her spoon, flicking tiny grains of oatmeal from his daughter’s hair, even as she laughed and attempted to stop him.

Sensing she’d gone too far, Rachel backpedaled.  “So what do you think about my proposition?”

“You and Iris hosting Thanksgiving dinner?  I think you should sell tickets.”

“May I leave you some comps at the door?” She teased.


Rachel extends an olive branch to Jamie - and Lila, while Grant tries to drive a wedge between Marley and Sarah.  Iris is surprised by Alice and Chase fishes for a new suspect in Horace's murder.

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