Monday, November 26, 2012


“Sit down, Iris,” Rachel hissed, already kicking herself for allowing this farce of a family celebration to take place.  She’d known from the start, of course, that Iris was up to something.  That much was a given.  Unfortunately, Rachel had naively assumed it would be directed against her.  At worse at Amanda, for something having to do with Cory Publishing.  But, to go after Rachel’s grandson….

Except that Rachel’s grandson was the only one who had yet to react in any way.  Like with everything that caught him unaware, Steven mechanically shut down, opting to calmly and rationally evaluate the situation before offering a response of any kind.  There was nothing on his face that either confirmed or denied the charge.  And he intended to keep it that way.

As a result, Rachel plunged ahead on her own, snapping at Iris, “How in the world would you even be privy to that sort of information?”

“Donna told me,” Iris leaned back smugly in her chair, confident there was nothing Rachel could do to her – except ultimately, after she’d gotten over the shock, back Iris’ objection to Sarah giving the child away.  Now that she’d been made aware, there was no possible chance of Rachel standing for… “That’s why Donna was so keen to adopt it.  It’s her great-grandchild, after all,” Iris enjoyed taunting her rival with the words that drove home how ancient she was.  Despite them applying equally well to herself.

“And how would Donna know?” Rachel launched the question more at Matt than at his wife.

“Allie told me,” Donna blurted out, looking to shift the blame to yet another member of Rachel’s family.  The last thing she wanted was to implicate Marley and admit Steven’s aunt had known the truth all along.  Unlike the Cory clan obviously, Donna Love knew how to protect her own.

“That doesn’t matter,” Jamie, his face crimson – which, in a way, was better than the ashen it had been these past few months; at least he seemed finally back in the land of the living – dismissed Rachel, Iris, and Donna’s petty squabbling as unimportant.  “The only thing that matters is,”  he turned to Steven, “Is this true, son?”


Iris' bombshell pits Rachel's guests one against the other as Jamie demands answers, Marley stuns Donna, and Russ does an about-face while Frankie and Cass face an uncertain future, Allie faces danger, and Grant faces an ultimatum from the absolutely last person he expected.

Your Thanksgiving may be over, but the Corys' is just beginning at:

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