Friday, November 16, 2012


Originally posted on 11/17/11


Yesterday's "celebration" of what would have been Luke and Laura's 30th wedding anniversary on General Hospital left many fans unsatisfied... to say the least.

As someone whose mom picked her up from school early so I could see the wedding (I think it was the first and last time I was ever in sync with anything mainstream, or, at least, vaguely popular), not to mention a cliche who got hooked on soaps via Luke and Laura in the first place, obviously the day means a lot to me.

But, the exchange of vows is actually not the moment everyone remembers. That came afterward and, as described by then headwriter Thom Racina:

Tony and Genie had that chemistry that you just can't create no matter how hard you try. And my favorite moment is one that I pulled out my writer's hat at the last minute – Scotty catching the bouquet. It's a twist and, God knows, in daytime, twists are the foundation of keeping the audience tuning in tomorrow.

Watch the clip below!

To read more from Thom, as well as other soap opera writers, actors and producers who made the moments fans voted as their favorites of all time great, check out Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments enhanced ebook on Amazon and

Plus, read the book GH's Ice Princess storyline was based on, The Great Los Angeles Blizzard (aka The Deep Freeze) by Thom Racina, here!

And how did Elizabeth Taylor end up at the most watched daytime wedding of all time?  Find out, here!


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