Monday, September 10, 2012


Last month, The New York Times published a story about authors hiring services to write glowing reviews about their books on Amazon and other sites.

The service helped one author, John Locke, become the first to sell one million independently published e-books.

Meanwhile, another author took it a step further, not only posting positive reviews for his own books under a series of fake names, he also gave one star reviews to competing authors, probably under the theory that not only must he succeed - all others must fail.

And now, I have a deep, dark confession to make: The thought never occurred to me. 

It never crossed my mind to pay people to write positive reviews for me (and/or negative reviews for other people).  Primarily because I assumed that, in order to review a book, one should read it.  And it doesn't seem like, if one is spending one's day writing reviews for pay, one has much time to actually, you know, read the book.

I have, however, in the past, offered thank you gifts for people who took the time to buy my books, read my books, and review my books (both good and bad). 

Is that the same thing as paying for reviews?  I'm honestly not sure.

The fact is, I am so grateful for all of my readers, I wanted to give something back to them for their loyalty to me over all these years.

So, whether it counts as a bribe or not, my thank you gifts still stand:

Buy and review any of my books, send me a link to your review at, and I will send you a copy of any other Alina Adams Media ebook of equal or lesser value that you like.

To me, that only seems fair, but, if you disagree, please let me know in the Comments below.

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