Monday, September 17, 2012


“Well, do let me know if you still need my help," Alice said.  "Iris can be a formidable opponent. I know, I’ve been up against her myself, several times.”

“She wasn’t a fan of your friendship with Dennis. Or his father.”

“As on other occasions, I allowed Iris to drive me away from Elliot.”

“With my help,” Rachel recalled.

“You and she were great friends at one time.”

Rachel rolled her eyes, “Please, don’t remind me. She was using me to manipulate you and Elliot, and I was so flattered that a woman of her position and – I believed at the time – class was taking an interest in me, I allowed myself to get thoroughly played. It wasn’t my most shining moment.”

“No,” Alice agreed. “But, I’d say the end result was worth it, wouldn’t you? You met Mac through Iris.”

“While she was having me escorted out in the middle of a party!” Rachel smiled, happy for the chance to be reminiscing about something joyful for a change. “He sent me roses the next day. I couldn’t believe it. A figure like Mac…”


Rachel confesses her concerns to Alice, Kevin sees through Steven, Cass and Frankie mix business with pleasure, Jamie attempts to warn Kirkland, Donna seeks out a figure from her past, and Iris descends on Grant and Marley.

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