Thursday, September 13, 2012


As everyone in Port Charles walks around shaky and sweaty from Jerry's dreaded water-based epidemic, it brings to mind another fever that once taxed all of "General Hospital's" resources: Lassa Fever!

Watch Part #1 at the link: and see Monica in medical action, Scotty as a good guy, Bobbie as a bad girl, a very, very young Laura, Lesley locked out of the hospital while her husband Rick is locked in - with Monica.

In case you're wondering, no, one of the Lassa Fever symptoms is not making everyone look vaguely green.  That's the result of video-taping directly off the television screen in the late 1970s.  Times were brutal, then, folks.

And who ultimately ended up responsible for bringing the Fever to Port Charles?  Was it an evil villain looking to take over the world?

Nah.  It was this guy:

Find Part #2 at:

Monica tries to convince Rick that seventeen year old Laura marrying nice guy Scotty is a dandy idea, and Edward berates Tracy and Alan.

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