Thursday, September 06, 2012


“Marley!” Grant burst through the door, sounding as if he’d run the entire way to the hospital, then up the stairs, eschewing the elevator. He looked from his wife to Sarah, then quickly back again, lest he reveal too much to either one of them.

“Grant!” Her chin jerked in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

“Bridget called. She said you were at the hospital.”

“With Sarah,” Marley clarified, misinterpreting his concern. “Did you think I was the one hurt? I’m fine.”

“I – Yes.” Grant leapt on the easy out she’d given him. “I – I guess I misunderstood.”

“I asked Bridget to call and tell you that I was at the hospital with Sarah, and could you please come home and stay with them?”

“Oh.” Grant said. “I – I left them alone. Is that alright?”

“It’s fine. They’ll manage for a few hours, they’re not babies. It was more for my peace of mind than theirs. Anyhow, Sarah is about to be discharged.”

Grant swallowed hard, still not looking her way. “What’s wrong with Sarah?”

“Sarah is pregnant,” Marley said in a tone that made it clear Grant was to react as if the revelation were perfectly normal.

Which he barely managed, but, again, not for the reasons Marley suspected. “So is she… still?”


Grant and Marley both have questions for Sarah, Rachel confronts Chase about Iris with surprising results, Donna and Matt get answers - though maybe not the ones they'd like, Kevin questions his motivations, and Cass and Frankie encounter a shockingly familiar face.

Whose face is it?  You decide at:

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