Monday, September 24, 2012


“Frankie and Cass called me from St. Petersburg,” Felicia refused to back down. The same way Rachel had refused to back down almost twenty years ago, when Felicia had been the one uninterested in hearing what she had to say. “They’ve located the body-guard who supposedly went down with Carl and the children’s plane.”

Rachel’s back shook, as if she’d been struck from behind. “A-alive?”

“Very much alive.”

Rachel spun around, unable to take it. “Were Carl and – “

“No,” Felicia shook her head. “They weren’t there with him. At least, not that Frankie and Cass were able to find.”

Rachel’s sigh of relief seemed the exact opposite of what a woman who’d just been told her husband and children were still presumed dead might express. And yet, that was quite obviously what she felt.


Felicia triggers a surprising reaction from Rachel, Marley and Sarah deal with their Post-Traumatic-Iris-Stress, while Steven makes a discovery about his ex-girlfriend.  Kevin takes drastic measures to save Jen, Charlie has to deal with Zeno and Allie's relationship, and Frankie gets an eyeful of how the other half really lives.

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